Resolutions of the Senate Meeting which held on the 20th of September, 2017 At Famewo Common Room (F.C.R.), Alexander Brown Hall (A.B.H.), University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Meeting commenced at 9:10pm

34 senators were present.

2 senators sent in notices of absence.

UIMSITES were appreciated for attending the Book Launch hosted by the College of Medicine and also for attending the sports activities hosted by the Medical and Dental Association.

It was announced that UIMSA would be hosting the next FAMSA General Assembly.

An orientation was carried out for the Senators. It was of great benefit to the Senators.

The Senate year plan was presented and adopted.

The Senate Budget was presented and the corrected version was adopted.

The Executive Year plan was presented and the corrected version was adopted.

Standing and Ad-hoc Committees for the Association and for the Senate were constituted and ratified.

All constituencies are doing well.