First of all, it is not a real word! And it’s use as a slang is not related to signatures at all.

Signology: The art of communicating with someone by using random hand motions that are generally irrelevant to what you are actually trying to say. (Leading definition on urban dictionary, 2019) .

We all understand the annoyance that comes with hearing yet another person say something like, “You’re just here for the signature” “Sha bring your signology”. Like, what else are we supposed to be here for? Your approval? Maybe we wouldn’t mind that but your opinion just doesn’t guarantee that we’ll write MB. Why would we do something and you’ll refuse to sign?

Seriously though, the school gave us that booklet to fill. If you weren’t being paid, would you be here today? This is the payment for our presence. And signing is a pretty basic thing to do. This is college’s idea, not ours. Don’t hate the players! We don’t like it either but ain’t nothing we can do ’bout it.

So, please get out of your own headspace and put yourself in our shoes. It’s not like our attention span can survive the “teaching session”. Yet we manage to stay alive through it and then you’ll say we’re not making an effort. What have we learned? We’ve learned to check the names on the call roster before leaving our rooms.

There’s plenty of lovely people who use the words “gather your booklets” with grace. Lets all take a cue from them. Medical school is hard enough as it is. We’re already exhausted. We don’t need this.

Sure, sometimes we get overzealous with the whole bringing out booklet stuff. But seeing as the only evidence of our hard work is that signature, we’ll definitely take it way seriously. People have had resit due to this signature thing. So excuse us for being diligent students who have their success in mind instead of trying to impress the custodian of knowledge.