Disclaimer: For those that like to start from the end of a book or a series or a movie, I am not going to do you any favors by repeating all I said in volume I, like some nice not interested in your growth writers, instead, go and read volume 1. The link is


Something borrowed…

Our starting point would be from exactly where we left off in volume one, from the wise words of an alcoholic, all around bum and at one point put on surveillance by the FBI but still a brilliant writer, Charles Bukowski who said:

“When it is truly time, and if you have been chosen, it will do it by itself and it will keep on doing it until you die or it dies in you. There is no other way and there never was”.

Again, ‘it’s refers to writing.

Very often, we see ourselves passing the first step, a step which research and some proverbs claim is the hardest, that is, getting down to actually write words that actually make sense but as time goes on experience teaches us that writing consistently, carrying on despite how heavy a burden it is to express your thoughts on paper at the same time making it comprehensible, is the real problem.

Some wise words to note!!

Writing takes a lot of commitment, self-discipline and an ocean full of motivation. As a budding or veteran writer, there is no denying that an extra push is needed just so you can get back on that essay, story and so on. While some may have pavlovian inclinations towards the same place, same time and a flicker of inspiration would surface; some may go to the writing gods and sacrifice a soul or two just for a flicker of motivation; others write naked or have to be shrouded in darkness just to get a kiss from their elusive muse. Sometimes, the right thing may not necessarily involve eternal damnation or jail time, just simple, simple steps.

  • Allow yourself to write terribly- If you allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and not keep fussing about perfection (you are a writer, not a critic), you would find yourself creating an early draft which is always open to few changes than coming up with something entirely new.
Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes
  • Carve out your writing space- It could be in your room, closet, bathroom, garden or whatever. It does not have to be a penthouse that overlooks the Eiffel tower, it is just somewhere that makes you feel comfortable, free, in control and happy. It could just be a lone armchair, +/- a table. The point is, it makes you comfortable and suits your personality, away from all the negative energy you want to get away from.
  • Hang out with yourself- More like select a time when you would be free and in the mood to accept your chi, then go into a self-reflective mode and discover what treasures await within you. Although this sounds more like a yoga session than anything, believe it or not, you owe yourself the creative alone time.
  • Set Writing goals- Whether the word count is 200 per day or 1000 per day, it is important to keep writing every day. Most times, people often are unrealistic and do not factor the human difference into goal setting, and if whatever word count they choose for themselves does not work out, they feel down, depressed and writing then becomes a chore. Trust me, what works for Peter may not work for you and it is ok. Do not be too hard on yourself when you realize this, just go ahead and figure out what would work for your personality.
Figure out what works for your personality
  • Remove all distractions- Your smartphones can be the sole enemy to your writing progress. Especially during your writing time, it can start from you checking one text, to what’s trending on Twitter & Instagram, which can lead to watching a video on 100 ways an antelope can fart with its nose on youtube. Sometimes it may not be your phones or the television, it can be your friends and family. Take care to explain to them about why you have chosen to walk along this part and how you would need their support. There is no denying, it may be hard to accept and a lot of bestseller or Pulitzer prize expectations might suffice and may even congratulate your ingeniosity in thinking up a new way to avoid your responsibilities. Try to understand them too and do the best you can because everyone needs a cheerleader or 3 once in a while, and who better than the ones you love.
Give yourself some accolades

Give yourself some accolades, as you finish up an article, goal, book; treat yourself. Only you know what your hype button is so when you succeed, by all means, treat yourself. If you fail, be gentle and kind with yourself and make corrections.

  • Writing Tools- Apps, AIs that makes life easier for the writer, from Grammarly, plagiarism, Upwork, Evernote, Fiverr, Shoeboxed, Problogger, WordPress, useful blogs, Google and the internet in all its glory are enough to show you that your struggle has been reduced and you are not alone, help is just around the corner.

Writers generally tend to be hard on themselves and overthink about the thought path of their readers and critics. Just let go, be free, do not be too hard on yourself.

Keep writing, think later and just find what legitimate or legal means work for you.

P.S: There is no volume III.