Sunscreen is the Beyonce of all skincare products. It is the holiest of all holy grails.
So one may wonder, Why does it appear that the steps in the Skin care regime skip the most important, you should see my expression to understand this.
Before we go further, I should also correct the misconception that “only white people need sunscreen”. I am sorry to burst your bubbles but everyone needs sunscreen.

Sunscreen comes in various types and degrees(measured in SPF level ). There is the physical and the chemical sunscreen and the difference lies in how they work. Sunscreens also come in various degrees measured in SPF. In increasing order spf15, spf30, spf45, spf50, etc. the higher the SPF value the better.
Sunscreen is always the last step in the routine and is also used in the morning routine. It’s also advised to reapply sunscreen during the day for maximum effect. There is liquid sunscreen, stick sunscreen, and sunscreen-infused lotion.
Some people often ask the following questions about the need to rub sunscreen after rubbing the moisturizer, why not have the sunscreen replace the moisturizer since they are of the same consistency? This could be possible but not the best option because they both serve different functions. Although this could be achieved when using a sunscreen-infused lotion, that is, both the sunscreen and the moisturizer have been combined into one product, many of these exist and could be used.
Moisturizer as the name implies provides and seals up moisture in the face. Different moisturizers have been made for different types of skin including dry, oily, and combination skin. Reactions can arise from the use of products not suitable for the skin, hence patch testing and careful selection should be made while using any skin care product

Okoye Chisom