Books and Movies Reviews: Sci-Fi Genre

                               MOVIE REVIEWS TENET Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi spectacle, ‘Tenet’ is one that leaves you with the unshakable feeling that you walked into the screening 15 minutes late. A mysterious new technology poses a threat to all existence and there are rumours of the third war. But the kicker is that the technology hasn’t been invented yet, though the CIA has caught wind of it from the future. Tenet’s central idea is that it is possible for objects to move…

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Books and Movies Review: Our Classics

THE KITE RUNNERAfter reading Khaled Hosseini’s Kite runner, the phrase “beautifully heartwrenching” comes to mind. This essence skyrockets this book to a classic. That phrase is as paradoxical as they come but that’s how the story makes you feel. He’s mastered the art of expressing life’s miseries and misfortunes through writing.This combined with the dexterity with which every word is chosen and woven into sentences leaves you feeling nothing but heartbroken and in awe of his work. The kite runner…

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