In recent times, there have been a series of disciplinary cases against members of the Congress that were found culpable. The Editor-in-Chief, Honourable Napoleon Tejiri was not spared from the recent series of disciplinary cases.
In the second emergency congress meeting held on the 11th of December, 2021 the report of activity of the UIMSA Clinical Press was taken .The report was delivered by the Editor-in-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press. The report of activities which could be described as being brief, as recommended by the Congress, was rejected by the congress on account of the presented document not being signed. The act of negligence could have been overlooked by the congress but another issue was raised against the Editor-in-Chief.

It could have been a narrow escape from being referred to a disciplinary committee for the Editor-in-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press, if Honourable Eriobuna of the 600 Level constituency had not decided to tender her displeasure at the negligence of the UIMSA Clinical Press. She categorically stated that the UIMSA Clinical Press had continuously failed to report the proceedings of the UIMSA Senate and congress meetings, as stated by the constitution. In his defense, the Editor-in-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical press stated that it is not a deliberate act by the Clinical press and that he plans to do better.However,Honorable Eriobuna, whom the Clinical Press would like to describe as the “Iron honorable”, would not have any more excuses from the Editor-in-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press. The “Iron honorable” moved a motion that the Editor-in-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press be referred to the disciplinary committee and that an adhoc committee be set up to investigate the challenges facing the press bodies. This motion was adopted by the congress and the Editor-in-Chief was referred to the disciplinary committee.
In the third emergency congress meeting, held on the 8th of January, 2022, the report of the disciplinary case on Honorable Tejiri Napoleon was taken. In a letter addressed to the disciplinary committee by the Editor-in-Chief, the act of negligence was acknowledged by him and he tendered an apology to the congress in the same letter. The disciplinary committee recommended that Honorable Tejiri pays a fine of 500 naira, apologizes formally and orally to the congress at the congress floor for the constitution violation and that he writes an apology letter on behalf of the Clinical Press addressed to UIMSAites, for failing to duly inform them of the happenings on the floor of the congress and senate as the constitution stipulates.
Once again, the long arms of the law did not fail to reach out to the Editor-in-Chief of the Clinical Press, as it did in the case of the Congress Chief whip.

by Napoleon Tejiri