It is going to be a suspense filled evening as the fourth and last country to join the Euros Nation League semi finals will be decided by 8:45pm tonight. Though it is a game between Netherland and Germany, this spot can only be filled by either the World Cup Defending Champions France, or the Dutchmen, Netherland. As Netherland battle with Germany today, a win or a draw is just the ticket they need for the semis. The French has no option but to watch on the side-line hoping, praying that the Germans would bring out their best this evening and win.

These are three contestants in group A1. France has played their four matches, with 7 points sits on top. Netherland is the second in this group with 3 games and 6 points still has a fighting chance. Germany has shown a poor performance in this competition with just a point in their last 3 games. The odds are definitely against them in tonight’s match but this is football.
Three out of the four teams have progressed to the semis with their games this weekend.

Portugal with still one game in hand in group A3 was the first to qualify to the semi-final. England with their great comeback 2-1 victory over Croatia was the second to qualify to the semis. Switzerland played a sensational game yesterday to win Belgium 5-2 yesterday. They qualified in group A2 with 9 points and goal difference of 9 ahead of Belgium who had 9 points and a goal difference of 3.

This is the first Euros Nations League ever. If the €6 million prize money plus bonuses the winner would receive looks small, the bragging rights of the first ever to win this competition is enough.
So as the Dutchmen match to the Colosseum tonight, it’s not just for the moment, the money or the semis but the chance ‘to fight for their freedom’. Freedom to shout out loud years to come as the first ever!