John Wayne said, “No moral man can have peace if he leaves undone, what he knows he should have done”.

This concept of morality is not about which actions are right or wrong and subsequently,  justifying the reason in either case; but about being accountable for one’s actions without having a sense of self-guilt. It is about pushing one’s self to do better than before. It is about making informed decisions, giving them focused attention and standing by them, doing what must be done, always. It involves inbibement and cultivation of traits like emotional intelligence, grit, resilience and perseverance. Attitude, mindset and habits contribute to a person’s success. Morality involves ability to defy overwhelming odds, starting over and again even after successful failures, realising the setback is another way to get propelled in the right direction. It involves coming to peace with outcomes of various situations one may be in, getting back to the drawing board with fresh thinking hats, doing a thorough self-review, picking up from what’s left if things were south, and seeking to improve, if everything goes as planned. As a moral man, these are what is expected to be done, amongst others and he shall only have peace if does not leave them undone.

Saliyu Abdulbaasit A.