Love is indeed paradoxical
Especially moments I want it mutual

It goes berserk and hay wire
Especially seasons I want it deeper

The angels that get my whole heart’s frame
Make me feel falling in love is a chess game

The damsels I swear to give my whole heart and full attention
Become the reasons the first thing to do in the morning is reflex lacrimation

With King Solomon, I have observed the unfolding of events under the world
Nothing as shocking as loving someone whose reactions speak it is on your own accord

Don’t judge me if I choose to love no more
You can, only, if you have been a victim of this paradoxical ubiquitous love tumour

A tumour that proliferates rapidly for those who care not a pinch about you

And shrinks insidiously for those who can catch a grenade for you

Let it be no longer news
Even if your words are as soothing as the early morning dews

And your drop dead smiles could yet raise the dead
His/her no to you Mr Lover boy/Miss Lover girl

From experience , I beat my heart to say remains a yes
Don’t kill yourself trying to be at all cost his/her best