Her heart once again began to beat rapidly. How sweaty her palms were getting! She hoped they could not tell that she was grinning from ear to ear.

If there was one thing she showed great dexterity at, it was controlling whatever storm was in the tea cup of her inside. Physiology had taught her how in such moments, rapid depolarization of the myocardial fibers initiates rapid contraction causing an acceleration of heart rate. And this storm brewing inside her could be observed by any who cared to glimpse.

She was unable to give answers to questions that popped into her head each time she pondered. Why was this different? Why could she not mask it? What was so special about this one? But beyond the unanswered questions and the brewing storm, what was clear and evident were her feelings for him!

Same class, she had never really noticed him for close to a year. When she did get to know him, it was nothing but platonic. So what could have changed? In a succinct period, they had drawn closer and it was no doubt that sparks flew all across the place.
One particular morning, he had walked in quite late and of course she turned to look. Their eyes met. She went red in no time. He was walking towards her seat and she knew she had better comport herself or those around would perceive how flustered she was. excited. The descending fibers that proceeded from her limbic cortex to the vasomotor area were definitely active.

The lecturer was yet to arrive so they talked on and on. To her, it was like no one else was present in class. She smiled all the way through and he smiled back. He wanted to see her that evening. She was absolutely smitten. Those neurotransmitters were surely at work. Dopamine surges and low serotonin levels were undeniably responsible.
Their meeting was fruitful and they were drawing even closer. In her room, she mused over their conversation. Her endorphin system had taken over and she was getting more comfortable with him, feeling safer and relaxed. He called and said goodnight.

“The start of something beautiful”, she said to herself. She went to bed as thoughts of him swirled in her head. She was attracted to him and she could not help herself.