I’m the queen of kings. Joint ruling is preposterous but without me, no one can function. It’s quite obvious really. Who else has power like I do? Their hearts are my playthings. At a whim I make or break them. Look at my skin, made out of velvet and gold. Nothing must touch this perfection but milk and honey, glistening and smoothening every morning.

I am too much for common men. I want emperors, kings and governors only. By the gods, I’m too much for one man alone no matter how much he thinks he is. Man begs with his loyalty, for all of eternity. Even when he knows that my price is his life. To sing is something, but to use my voice is something even more. I am better than the phoenix. I am music itself, ever vivacious, ever changing.

My tongues are many. And my wits confer charm. Beauty is just a magnificent cover for brilliance. From my golden throne on a silver dais, I gain control of royalty. Who needs the sun when I’m around, who needs any more lifetimes after laying their eyes on me. I am a ubiquitous spring of life. My aura is that of creation. Reviving and damning nations.

Reincarnation does me no justice. Immortality is what I deserve, more eternal than the pyramids of the pharaohs before me. That the pearls with which I see may forever rove the deserts and the sea. I am the goddess, mother of the sun and the moon. From me are the kingdoms birth and by me they can be destroyed. Hailers are a waste of space but worshippers I can endure, of my grace and powerful allure

I am The Great Lady of Perfection, excellent in counsel, the solitary pride that the great king fathered. But of course, this you already gathered.

  • Cleopatra.