The ceremony started at about 11am. It was a soul lifting occasion as many of us felt inspired.

The 300level medical students were addressed by important members of executives of the College, who were prominent persons in the clinical and research fields, and encouraged the students to further raise the bar. In attendance was the Provost of course, the president ICOMA world wide, the CMD(ably represented), the Deans and Sub-deans, the College Registrar, the College Librarian, the chairman CMEU and the 300 level class.

They were told to seek out knowledge and information ahead in various departments, so as to plan ahead.
They were also told anything was possible and that we should be excited and ready to explore this other side of the divide.

Many of them took pride on who robed them.They felt really honored to be robed by a great researcher, Prof. Mayowa Owolabi, the Dean faculty of Clinical sciences. I even got to interact with the Dean a bit as he robed me.

Apart from the high point of being robed, The Provost address really hit home for them. However, a number of them were really impressed by the UIMSA’s president address.

In all, it was an honor to be among such medical giants. The day ended on a high and bright note as the 300 level class celebrated their entrance into the clinical arm of the college.