Whether in school or at home, living with other people can be a real pain in the arse. It’s
even harder when you don’t really know the person. I personally feel we all need some
commendation for managing, not like we really had a choice. Regardless, here’s a list and
see what kind of roommate you have been/are or the kind of roommate you have/have had.

  1. The Vampire: Starting us off is the child of darkness. Once you leave, they close all
    the blinds and switch off the lights. The only light source they can seemingly tolerate
    is that coming from their phone.
  2. The Ghost: As it says, they are never around. They seem to haunt the room though,
    sometimes you come back from school and you feel someone might have been
    around but there’s no solid evidence.
  3. The Chef: Always cooking. Leaves you wondering why they came to UCH, they’d
    have been better suited to attend Culinary school somewhere. At least sometimes
    you don’t have to worry about dinner.
  4. The Opposite of The Vampire: This one is always putting on the lights, no matter
    the occasion, even to bed. You might as well be living directly under the sun. Even if
    there’s no light, they’d open the windows and put on torchlights.
  5. The Loud One: Omo. This roommate can never do anything at a normal volume.
    Talking, playing music, etc. Even when they wake up early to get ready, they will still
    wake you up. It’s almost as if they have some level of deafness.
  6. The Musician: This one likes trying out new tunes all the time. If not for African
    parents, they’ll probably be studying music or not be in school altogether.
  7. The Loner: You hardly ever see this one with anyone. Mostly in the room, on their
    own. Probably listening to Lana Del Rey.
  8. The Popular One: Turns your room into a cut-rate event center. Always has visitors.
    In this room, privacy is an illusion.
  9. The One That Doesn’t Own Anything: I think at some point we’ve all come across
    this one. They are constantly borrowing your stuff. Heck, even some of their friends
    have come to borrow “their stuff” while they weren’t around.
  10. The Sleeping Beauty: Whether they are constantly fighting in their dreams or they
    work while you sleep, it is unclear. What is clear however is that they are frequently
  11. The Ashewo: All the time, they are with someone. They may not do PDA but they
    don’t mind displaying it in front of you. The partner also frequently changes and
    you’re left wondering if they have them on a roster of some sort.
  12. The Quiet One: This roommate is almost perfect. At least for me. They hardly make
    a sound and if not for eyes, you’d not know they were around. The only issue with
    them is that they also expect a certain level of quietness from you which can be hard
    to maintain at times.
  13. The Pokenoser: Constantly in your business. It’s as if your parents asked them to
    spy on you and report back.
  14. The Neat Freak: I mean, it’s a good thing as long as it isn’t excessive. You don’t
    have to worry much about keeping the room clean and orderly but it can feel like
    you’re not allowed to be free at times.
  15. The Polar Bear: This one probably has some Inuit blood in them. They were
    definitely sent to the wrong country and will probably find their way to Canada soon enough. The fan is always on full blast and they never seem to feel the effects of the rainy season and Harmattan. In fact, that’s when they seem best adjusted.
  16. The One Who Eats Your Food: You would wonder if this one was a royal taster in
    their past life and it’s somehow manifesting now.

Others you may come across include the ones who can’t close their mouths when chewing and those who snore. 

Do well to let me know what type of roommate you are/have in the comments. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

Ifeanyichukwu Achife