The University of Ibadan Medical Students Association’s Executives led by The President Olaoluwa Olorunfemi paid a courtesy visit to the Preclinical arm; The 100 level class and the 200 level Class.

The Picture above showing the UIMSA’S Executives and the 200 level Class

They started out with the 200level Class in A.B.O Desalu lecture(also known as the Anatomy lecture theatre) after they had finished a lecture. As this was the first time the executives met the class physically, proper introductions was made. They then proceeded to ask after their welfare and if they had any questions, all which were properly addressed.

The class was also informed about the Upcoming programs in the association which they can benefit from (The Inter-faculty games, Awosika, Health week, Research Clinic).They were then encouraged to pay their duties and always reach out to the Executive body whenever they had any issues.

The Executive body then went on to see the 100level class, and due to them having their lectures online, the meeting took place at Love Garden, University Ibadan. This is the second visit to this class. Their welfare so far was asked after. They encouraged them about their academics, extracurriculars and opportunities they can gain from in UIMSA. The class was also commended as they recently won the Health Cup, University of Ibadan last Month.

All the Executives members were present during the Visitation.

Showing the Executives and the 100level Class.