The third and final lap of the research clinic organized by the University of Ibadan Medical Student’s Association was held on Saturday, July 23, 2022. The Research clinic was organized to be an Introductory Course to Research Writing. It has been divided and taught into three sessions, with the first two done online and the third which held physically at Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall, UCH.

This research clinic program is one that several UIMSAites have looked earnestly towards as the word around town now is the importance of research. Also, it was a major highlight of the Executive Council plans. While the first two sessions of the programed were held online with only users that registered to get the links in their emails.

Research Clinic 3.0 was both virtual and physical. The Program which was scheduled for 10 am started several minutes after. It had Professor Regina Oladokun, Head of the department, Paediatrics UCH, and Dr. Rufus Akinyemi, a consultant Neurologist as speakers lecturing on two separate topics.

Professor Regina Oladokun discussed on the topic “Research in Paediatrics and Child Health: Opportunities and Peculiarities” she explained the steps to conduct research generally and the peculiarities of children. She mentioned that Peadiatric care is more curative. Also, that research is not commonly done on children at least until they have been tried on adults. Another thing she emphasized was that COMUI students should show interest in research, using examples of the medical students she encouraged and mentored during their infectious disease unit posting to conduct a research which was later published.

She gave other similar experiences to drive home her point. She expressed her joy about the program and even challenged the organizing team to include the submission and presentation of abstracts and publications by students in the next session. She also encouraged that there should have a COMUI Med Student Research Club/Society. To conclude she stated that she believes COMUI students are well positioned to engage in research.In her bid to ensure that we could appreciate all that had been taught she brought along her mentee, Dr. Ore Morakinyo, an Alumnus of UIMSA (2k15 set) to share with us his research experience.

Dr. Ore recounted his journey toward research as a medical student. He cited how his first time hearing about research was also in a training program like this where he was also seated in the infamous FCR. He shared how he became well-versed in research and some of the research he has been involved in. He concluded by explaining that you must have an interest in research, show it by asking people questions, and have good mentors. Finally that there are many opportunities available and we, as students should make good use of them.

After that Miss Olamide, the moderator came on and appreciated the speakers. She also coordinated the Question and Answer session. She then went on to welcome the second speaker to the stage reading his citation.Dr. Rufus Akinyemi spoke on the topic “The introduction to research grant/ proposal writing”. He started with a quote by Arthur Schawlow “To do successful research you don’t need to know everything you just need to know of one thing that isn’t known”.

Similarly, he commended UIMSA for organizing the program and stated he is excited medical students can do this.He taught about research, grants, sources of grants, foundational things about grants, writing a winning proposal, and winning tips against challenges. Also, he talked about what he termed the pillar of progress in building a successful research career.

Miss Olamide came up once more thanking the speaker and taking the questions from the audience. Refreshments were shared for everyone. Miss Tola, the General Secretary UIMSA, who also is the Chairperson of the organizing committee concluded the program by appreciating everyone including the speakers, her team members, and those who attended online and physically. She mentioned that further details about the program will be communicated soon.

The program ended some minutes past 1 pm with over 30 persons in attendance physically and some online. This concluded the research Clinic program origanized by the “new dispensation” tenure. The program was a success and has received praises from everyone. This is another major milestone achieved in UIMSA.

Metajuwa-kuda Emmanuel