Social media has never had a dull moment and trust me when I say it always has a way of rejuvenating itself just like the current #10YearsChallenge which has got everyone participating. The challenge, which first started trending on Facebook as #10YearsChallenge and #HowHardDidAgingHitYou, progressed to Instagram and Twitter and is currently trending with the hashtag #10YearsChallenge.

Well, for those who are still behind timeline, the #10YearsChallenge basically has to do with comparing photos from 10 years ago with your most recent pictures.

A number of Nigerian celebrities have joined the 10 years challenge trend by sharing a throwback photo of themselves taken 10 years ago and another taken recently, with some of them nailing it.

UIMSAITES were not left out as they left us astonished with our mouths agape when they shared some shocking before and transforming after photos.

Did they nail it ? Do comment below.