Michelle Obama once said ” No Country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprive itself of the contribution of half its citizens” . Simply put, both gender must have fair representation in leadership positions.
This year’s candidates in UIMSA and by extension tenure will change the usual and set precedence for many more. It is worth noting that the candidates vying for most, if not all of the key positions in UIMSA Executives Council are of the female gender.

The UIMSA presidency being contested for by both Miss Akinnuoye and Miss Nwagbara, The Vice President by Miss Fola-Oyetayo, the General Secretary by Miss Odeleke , the Financial Secretary by Miss Adedeji, the Special Duties Officer Clinicals by Miss Bolatito, Treasurer by Olaoye with the post of the AGS and PRO yet to be popularly known. Speculation have it that they may also be filled up with this same gender. The Office of the Special Duties Officer Preclinicals seems to be the difference with four male candidates.

Anyone who can see and think would be left with questions as to what has happened to the male gender and why the apathy? How UIMSA would be with nature’s finest in charge as this will be new normal.

Genuine reactions like this would make the woke culture feminist cry out as every chance is an opportunity to further their cause. However I must say that this is a matter of continuity as the UIMSA Executive Council has gradually had its seats filled with fine and capable women over the years.
The outgoing Executive Council had a female to male ratio of 7:3, this was not too obvious as the COVID pandemic and the bye- elections through which some were elected played their roles. It was however a fine tenure with gaint strides made.

In few days to come we will truly all see history being made and it will last beyond this tenure all things being equal as a Female President, Vice President and hopefully all female dominated executives council may emerge. This is all happening as if an agenda was previously set up for the year 2022. Similar occurences have been noticed in other fellow associations like the USA, JCIN, NIMELSSA, SHIM, SON, APS and others yet to be clearly evident.
This is one tenure the world awaits. UIMSAITES will have to choose the best and capable leaders either male or female. The world is after female representation and UIMSA is following the World order. Hopefully we do not win the battle of female gender inclusion and lose the war of equal gender representation in the future.

Metajuwa-kuda Emmanuel