Behind the seemingly normal nation are the hungry beasts. For those who keep saying this country doesn’t concern them, they should understand that they are part of the system either consciously or subconsciously. Most Nigerians wave away the significance of politics from their minds. When you try not to involve in politics either by voting or being voted for, it’s like saying you don’t want to contribute your quota to the future of Nigeria.

Nigeria will keep struggling to span towards breakthrough with a system like this. This country can only be better if politics is defined as “politics” by our politicians. Should we suggest “Nigeria will be better when their generations are out?” Nigeria is in her retrograde stage in which, not only with two hands can she be saved. While considering the ring bearer of a party, we should also debate on their system of government too, if it works or not.

Getting jealous of good accomplishments should be emulated by our ‘leaders’ and ‘leaders to be’. It’s painful our leaders already had experiences of the better economies of countries abroad, but still act like Nigeria is fine. They are meant to emulate, instead they imitate.

Election is here again. They are here with their beautiful lies, full of nectar to attract the foolish butterflies. I am sure you won’t be found amidst the foolish Nigerians. As this is certain, the future of Nigeria lies on your vote. Don’t be deceived, VOTE YOUR HEART.