It is today 28th July, 2019.
This sounds almost like a good thing, no? For example; in the case of celebrations, we are familiar with the phrase “World Dayo day” or “World Nedu Day”. This is not that! Instead, this is a call to eliminating Hepatitis by knowing your status, the risks and most of all, knowing how to prevent it.
According to WHO

  1. There are about 325 million people living with viral hepatitis B and C
  2. About 2.85million people became newly infected in 2017
  3. Up to 80% of people living with hepatitis lack prevention, testing and treatment.

Viral hepatitis B & C affect 325million people worldwide, causing 1.4 million deaths/year. The second major killer infectious disease after TB.
Hepatitis is preventable, treatable and in the case of hepatitis C, curable.
Ergo, avail yourself of any opportunity presented to know your status. Share this information. Educate people. Create awareness. Don’t let this stop with you!!
You might be saving a life.

Culled from WHO website