Hello, I’m Deedee not SB

As most people know, this is a very popular term, and unless you have been living under a rock or underneath a crushing pile of books, you may not know even if you have been zoned in the past. ‘Friend zone’ was coined by Joey Tribbiani, a popular character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , in 1994 in the episode ‘The one with the Blackout’. So for the sake of those living under the crushing pile of books, Friend zone according to oxford dictionary is a situation in which friendship exists between 2 people, one of them has an unreciprocated romantic/ sexual interest in the other. Basically, the friend zone road can be a pretty cold and heart wrenching path and you may never find your way back. But don’t be disheartened dear friend zoned ones, all hope is not lost yet. Allow me to dry your tears, as I bring to you other worse zones and my deepest condolences goes out to those in these categories.  FAMILY ZONE

Well certainly not like Cersei.

This has a class of its own and encompasses the Mother, Father, brother, sister ( be it brother/ sister in Christ), grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, godfather, god mother zones. You have managed to surpass the friend zone. Congratulations! MORPHINE ZONE  Are you that one person that they always come to when they’re hurt or depressed, need someone to talk ? When they cannot sleep , and you’re still friends ? Sad.  LIFE ZONED It goes like this, “In another life, I would be your girl/guy”.  PASTOR ZONED   Only call you up to ask you to pray for them, fast with them, Do bible study together, and ‘you’re still a friends’? Then …… UBER ZONE. Just like an uber driver, you’re viewed as a means of transport to wherever they want to go. You are still friends, by the way.  FREE FOOD ZONE What more is there to say here (sighs)  HERO/HERCULES ZONE Do you always ‘save the day’ are you that person that is, always called upon when they are in any form of distress. Then …..  CRUSH ZONED This doesn’t even make any sense. Conversation goes like this;

He/She: I have a huge crush on you You: I love He/She: sorry, you are just a crush. You:     🙁

 COMPLICATED ZONE You do everything one does in a relationship but you are not allowed to expect anything from another person. What they say – ‘you are special to me and I do not want us to break that bond’. And then again, you’re still friends.

Maybe, this is the cruelty of man that has been talked about since ages past or maybe your love interest is just not that into you . But whatever the case maybe my heart goes out to you all.


Bye !

Post by Diala A.B (400 level MBBS)