The 58th Annual health week is finally here to hold against all odds which is slated to hold from 9th to 11th August, 2018. The activities include

  1.  Community Health Awareness Programme (CHAP) to hold at Kuti and Queen Idia halls of residence at the University of Ibadan Campus on Thursday, 9th August, 2018. Time is 5pm.


2.  The Bonfire night, a social event would hold on Friday, 10th August 2018 at ABH Football pitch, UCH Ibadan. Time is 7pm.

3.  The 8th issue of Ibadan Medscion magazine launch would be holding on Saturday, 11th August, 2018 by 10am at Osuntokun Auditorium, UCH Ibadan.

4.  B.O. Osuntokun Quiz finals between the 2014 class and 2015 class would take place at Osuntokun Auditorium, UCH Ibadan also on Saturday 11th August, 2018 by 12pm.

5.  Finally, the Dinner and Awards ceremony themed “The Great Gatsby: A Masked Affair” would bring the week to an end which is to hold at the Apex Multipurpose Hall, American Quarters, Yidi Agodi Gate, Agodi G.R.A, Ibadan on Saturday 11th August, 2018 starting by 7pm.