UIMSA of our dreams

UIMSA 2018: Who the crown fits.

UIMSA Decides ’18: “And then their voices were heard”.

Indeed, the hour has finally arrived, bringing with it a voluntary but necessary death to the palpitations in the hearts of UIMSAites, aspirants and supporters alike as the UIMSA election results were released in the late hours of 30th August, 2018. One would say it was an intriguing experience to watch the UIMSA election process switch to a more modern and sophisticated system i.e. electronic voting from the manual vote casting method. The voting process started on 9:00am and spanned…

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58th UIMSA Health Week is here!

The 58th Annual health week is finally here to hold against all odds which is slated to hold from 9th to 11th August, 2018. The activities include  Community Health Awareness Programme (CHAP) to hold at Kuti and Queen Idia halls of residence at the University of Ibadan Campus on Thursday, 9th August, 2018. Time is 5pm.   2.  The Bonfire night, a social event would hold on Friday, 10th August 2018 at ABH Football pitch, UCH Ibadan. Time is 7pm.…

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32nd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference

FAMSA GA is the annual general assembly of member medical student associations of FAMSA from all around Africa. This year’s edition is the 32nd of its kind and will mark the 50th anniversary of the association. To celebrate FAMSA’s historic anniversary, University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA)  will be hosting other medical students from all over Africa and the world as this edition will also feature a scientific conference themed “Repositioning healthcare in Africa for Sustainable Development”. The 32nd…

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Street Mayonnaise; the Genesis.

When asked to scribble down a few lines as touching starting a business, Christy, as she is popularly called, gave a write-up seasoned with experience and practicable hints. Enjoy the read.   “Start Small, Finish Big”,  I had this saying pasted on my wall for several months and as I looked at it daily, I just knew I was tired of  coming back from long theatre hours with a backache that probably needed the excision of my entire spinal tract…

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In a bid to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS in South-Western Nigeria and to commemorate the World AIDS Day ,The University of Ibadan Medical Students Association would be playing her role by organising a community outreach to Akufo Village, Ido Local Government, Ibadan. The outreach is scheduled to hold on December 1(WORLD AIDS DAY). Different plans like HIV testing, HIV/AIDS counseling are in place to mark this day. Come one, come all!!!

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Resolutions of the Senate Meeting which held on the 7th of October, 2017.

The Senate, University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association. RESOLUTIONS OF THE SENATE MEETING WHICH HELD ON THE 7TH OF OCTOBER, 2017 AT FAMEWO COMMON ROOM (F.C.R.), ALEXANDER BROWN HALL (A.B.H.), UNIVERSITY COLLEGE HOSPITAL, IBADAN. Meeting commenced at 1:13pm. ⏱ 37 senators were present. 5 senators sent in notices of absence. – The Vice President and Senator Akinnuoye from the 200 Level constituency were sworn in.  Mr. Yakubu Momoh of the 200 Level constituency was Co-opted. – Launching of UIMSA official website…

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“…towards the UIMSA of our dreams!”

  I was seven, and ill! While on admission on an hospital bed, naïve and ignorant me would fondle with the bell of my attending doctor’s stethoscope. I would wrap my hands round the cold round metal, wondering how such can be used to hear sounds from the human body. I would go on to reassure myself of my dream- becoming a doctor, being able to take care of my family, and other people when they fall ill.  Years down…

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