Play with gravity oh child
Your feet unyielding as you wade through the mire ,
Your eyes fixed on the treasure you may find .

Be not hypnotized by the precarious stand
Roll with the ton, the lot of them
But forget not to remain close to the land .

Choose the way the wand might move ,
To incur a curse or to be loved ,
Ragged or dressed in the finest tulle.

Frogs may leap all they want
From mire to dirt ,dirt to mire
Albeit it is the mire that is fount .

To be home is to be grounded ,
Lustful eyes and jelly feet ,
But a wise heart keeps one rounded .

Be not hypnotized with the precarious stand ,
To be grounded is to be not in the dark
To roll the pack , move with the band
Choose the way you move the wand .

A Poem by Omowunmi Awoyemi