Nigeria; 1980 –2000

1980 : Coalition of the National Party of Nigeria and the Nigeria People’s Party to get a majority in the Parliament.

1983: Despite widespread criticisms, massive deportation of non-nigerian citizens, mostly Ghanaians, to their country on account of taking jobs meant for Nigerians amidst the  massive drop in Oil boom.

  • Re-election of Shehu Shagari in an election reported to be marred by rigging and other forms of irregularities.
  • Later that year, Major Muhammadu Buhari overthrew the government in a bloodless coup.

1985 : Buhari was overthrown in a Palace coup, also bloodless, by General Ibrahim Babangida.

1988 : Babangida increased the number of states from 19 to 21.

1992 : In a bid to fulfill the promise made in 1987 on returning the country to civilian rule, Babangida established two parties — Social democratic Party and the National Republican party.

1993 :  Adjudged as the best election the nation ever had, conducted in a free and fair approach, the result for the June, 1993 elections were annuled by the Babangida-led military overnment

  • Later that year, Babangida had to step down amidst pressure from the Armed forces rulin council and subsequently, assumption of the office by Ernest Sonekan.
  • Shonekan was  forced to resign and Gen. Sanni Abacha seized power.

1994 : MKO Abiola wa arrested for self proclamation of presidency though there were ample obvious evidence (to prove).

1995 : Public execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, a writer and campaigner, causng loss of membership to the UN; Nigeria’s status was reversed in 1999

  • The Abacha-led administration put Onasanjo in jail accusing him of an attempted coup.

1998 : Abacha died following a heart attack. Gen. Abubakar Abdulsalam succeeds him.

  • Later that year, Obasanjo was released from prison.
  • People’s Democratic party, PDP, becomes the first major political party.

1999 : Olusegun Obasanjo was elected as the President after victory at the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

  • New constitution, based on the 1979 model was adopted.

2000 :  Sharia law was adopted, first, by Zamfara state and then by other several nation, though acceptance was met with lotd of religious riots.