It’s funny how people don’t know Bill Gates has been usurped as the richest man in the world.

Bill Gates dominated Forbes list for two decades. The few times he dropped, he bounced back almost immediately. He never disappointed. Hence the world awaits his return to number one.

However, the truth is, he will never be number one again, not because he’s splashing out cash for his philanthropic cause, not because he’s not the largest shareholder at Microsoft but because another person’s time has come.

So, meet Jeff Bezos!

Jeff Bezos was born 12th of January, 1964 in New Mexico, USA. He’s a Technology entrepreneur, Investor and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amazon.

He is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $130billion,$35billion more than second-placed Bill Gates.

Here are some six interesting facts about Jeffery Bezos:

  • Real name: We know the world’s richest man as Jeff Bezos but that is not his real name. He was born as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen to Jackie Gise Jorgensen (Bezos)– a teenager at the time – and Ted Jorgenson, his biological father. Bezos was later adopted by his stepfather Mike Bezos when he married Jackie. Bezos has been quoted saying that he does not have any memory of his biological father, saying that “Mike is my natural father”.  
  • Has $35 billion more than anyone else: He is not just the richest man in the world but the man whose net worth is $35 billion more than any other individual on the planet. Bill Gates, with a net worth of $94.9 billion is the second-richest man on Earth but still far behind Bezos.  
  • Owns the Washington Post: Jeff Bezos is not just the CEO of Amazon but also owns iconic Washington Post newspaper. He purchased the 142-year-old newspaper back in 2013 for $250 million. Since taking over, Bezos has ensured that the media house adopted new technology and increase readership through the digital space.  
  • Jeff Bezos has four children: Jeff Bezos and his novelist wife Mackenzie (Tuttle) Bezos, after getting married in 1993 had three children (sons) and adopted another daughter from China.  
  • Has played a cameo movie role: For all those who have seen Bezos in a formal suit mostly, you can see him dressed up as an alien in the movie Star Trek Beyond. He plays a cameo role in the movie. It may be noted that Bezos is a huge fan of Star Trek and fancies space travel.  
  • Takes direct emails from customers: While it might be hard to believe, Bezos even allows customers to mail him directly and if the issue seems to be quite big, he forwards it to the concerned department. When an employee receives this mail, he/she knows that the problem needs to be fixed immediately.