Your Dream in a Box

What is your dream? Or more importantly, what was your dream?. That dream that you told adults excitedly as a child but got ashamed to say as you become older. The raw dream that brightened up your childhood and made living every day interesting. Did it change? Why? Did you or others think it was unrealistic or impractical? Did you start and fail? Did you read some statistics and decided to “wake up” from the said dream? This is not…

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Playing Catch Up

       In all honesty, we were warned. From casual remarks by senior students to full-blown orientation sessions. The speed, the volume, and the demands that would be placed on our time were facts all mentioned to us. However, when it finally arrived, most of us were caught unawares. It was not due to a lack of preparation for some of us, (the rest of us know ourselves), but the sheer volume covered in a relatively smaller period.        Resultantly, many…

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How To Study When You Don’t Feel Like It

Finally, we made it! We just crossed the first hurdle in our med-school journey and we are on to the next phase with an entirely different challenge. The hunger and craving for more knowledge are at their peak. The euphoria of being a medical student fuels our spirit; everyone strives to do better than they did in the last session. Most have mentally prepared themselves and mapped out their entire session long before lectures commenced. Now the classes have actually…

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For Nigerians, it is anything but the common good. Queues as tall as the hills of ‘Idanre’. Traffic jam everywhere. Passengers stranded. No bus to board home. Hours of productive time is lost on unending journeys. The cost of transport and the prices of goods are skyrocketing. We are again at the mercy of the oil cabal. Yuletide does not come without fuel scarcity.  Should you ever lose track of time, you need not fret. Wait till you see the…

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Wishes to Sleep

Wishes to Sleep Yes! I now know my enemy. The one who doesn’t want me to succeed in this department. The one who though is not a being, wants to end my being. The one who tells me that I will not find any other friend like him. That one who tells me that if I don’t accept him, then his brother will. Sleep is not my friend. I hate him. He is brother to death who I hate the…

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HAVE you ever looked and wondered what lies beyond the big blue cover? Have you ever imagined what lies beyond the sky? Here we are running up and down the face of the earth Day after day, we engage in a constant struggle against time In the blink of an eye, darkness sets in just after the rising of the morning sun Days pass, weeks, months and years Man lived in regret of what he wished he had done in…

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