Wishes to Sleep

Yes! I now know my enemy.
The one who doesn’t want me to succeed in this department.
The one who though is not a being, wants to end my being.
The one who tells me that I will not find any other friend like him.
That one who tells me that if I don’t accept him, then his brother will.

Sleep is not my friend. I hate him. He is brother to death who I hate the more.
I wish I could destroy my enemy and end all my sorrows.
To obliterate the phrase ‘T.D.B.’ from this earth;
Or that I could find an antidote to keep him from coming to me;
Or find a way of controlling how much of me he gets.

I wish I had an antidote.
I dearly wish for a solution / pathway to take that will get me around him and his brother.
I wish I were an elephant.

You see, the elephant, although the largest land mammal, has the shortest sleep time (among all mammals). I don’t know how it does it but I wish I could too.
I wish I knew how it does it so I can do same.
If it is size, I fear that the more I eat, the closer I befriend my enemy.
Otherwise, is not the elephant the best animal to wish to be?
Is a horse better or an ant best?

Oh! Sleep, what have you done to me?
How could you make me wish to be an animal? An animal even as lowly as an ant.
I don’t like your effect on me (though I really do).
Why, oh sleep don’t you respect anatomy or have the fear of BIC test?
Why don’t you allow yourself to be cheated?
Must you take back every hour I steal from you?
Must you humble me during BIC afternoon classes?

“Why are you such an ungrateful being? I am not paid, yet I choose, out of pity for you, to preserve your sanity”.
I remembered this conversation.
My enemy wants to leave my life.

How happy am I supposed to be that my wishes are becoming reality? Am I not expected to be glad?
But I was not.
Then was the first time I thought that I may have been a burden he just chose to put up with. Then was when I realized that he actually is a friend of whose kind I will never find any.
Then was when I said, “Sleep is good”.
Then was when my enemy became my friend.

I had wanted to stop sleeping but now I don’t.
I had wished to be an elephant or a donkey or an ant but now I don’t.
I still wish I could find a way of controlling how much time I spent with my newly found friend.
I still blame my newly found friend for all those classes I slept in.

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