HAVE you ever looked and wondered what lies beyond the big blue cover?

Have you ever imagined what lies beyond the sky?

Here we are running up and down the face of the earth

Day after day, we engage in a constant struggle against time

In the blink of an eye, darkness sets in just after the rising of the morning sun

Days pass, weeks, months and years

Man lived in regret of what he wished he had done in his youthful days.

HEAR, O generation of young men

Take the bull by the horn while you are still full of strength

Fight daily with your might

Not fighting to be better than others, but to be better than yourself

For only then can you mark the achievement of success

Even though time seems to be against us

We can show that in limited time

We are better today than we were yesterday

Rise above your limits, launch yourself deep into space

Break your limits

Remember, the future is now

Let’s make impact to affect the future positively.

Ajayi Ayooluwa