Without a Silver Spoon

I was born with no silver spoon, Or even a plate to call my own. Hardwork beckons on me to come soon. As I left my plate leaving my dog to feed on shrivelled bone. I was born with no silver spoon. But life continued serving penury on it grandiose plate. Yet I still strived from when Sun rose till when its sibling arrive; the moon. And my sweat, vast enough to fill a crate. I was born with no…

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The Peculiar Child

The union blessed, the marriage consummated. At the dawn of wedlock, came conception as expected Up above, in His wisdom and good pleasure Came forth this child of exceeding great measure. At his christening, all did rejoice and hailed thus; Herald the great tidings of a new born into the world. But only He above who sees and discerns even the deepest thoughts Could foresee and fathom the peculiarity of this child. In all worldly wisdom dissenting, His features not…

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