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Hidden Cool Spots in UI

These are some of the places and just generally things that are not very popular in the University of Ibadan. From restaurants to organizations, and some nice chilling spots. Archives. I like good food. I mean, who does not? I got to know about Archives when I needed a restaurant that sold Buka-style amala. My roommate mentioned “Amala Archives” and I decided to try it out. Oh, was I satisfied? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Delicious food? Check. Inexpensive? Check. Hygienic environment?…

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Interview with Charles Ofoma, a DE Preclinical Student

Hi, Charles. Good evening. How do you feel this evening?  I feel amazing. Sounds great! We’d like you to tell us a little – or very much – about yourself. I’m Charles Ofoma; my first name is actually Izuchukwu but I prefer Charles. I’m from Anambra state. I love JESUS. I’m a Jesus person. I’m a 200L MBBS student that loves studying to expand my horizon. I don’t play any sports, neither do I watch sports. I love cartoons and…

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Opinion Poll: Would you rather erase the last two weeks of medical school or the next two?

We asked some preclinical students if they’d rather the previous two weeks of school or the next two and these were their replies: The latter. I’m stressed. I just want to skip with things done.Posi, 300l. I’d rather skip the next two weeks. I’ve invested my time, and energy, and data, in the last two weeks. Plus, I can’t re-jack what has been jacked.Prosper, 200l. Erase the last two weeks, please. This med school of a thing is just behaving…

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This isn’t a description of the many troubles we had with 101, from the classes to vision 2020 (how did that pan out?) or the roaring leopard that left us with numb thumbs and result anxiety. Rather, this is more of a day to day experience filled with PDA’s, and the occasional trek to female halls all for love. Ah! Love, one day I’d love to pluck a rose from a garden, not like the Love garden in UI with…

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How to get over losing a friend you really cared about (P.S Your friend isn’t dead)

I’m sure we’ve all lost a friend we thought we were close to; I know I have. We’ve had people we thought would be in our lives forever and they drifted away, sometimes slowly, other times suddenly and most times with no warning. Maybe it was due to a serious fight or actually just something petty. Maybe it’s all because of another party intruding or this person simply got bored and tired of your friendship. Whatever the reason may be,…

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Neurotic Depression

Most likely, you have come across the term DEPRESSION. Amongst medical students, it is a term so commonly discussed with a view to helping victims get out of it before the inevitable act. But oftentimes, research studies have shown many people feel/think they cannot be depressed nor do they exhibit any symptoms of depression while in actual reality, they are constantly suffering from only a mild form of depression that often not doesn’t present any noticeable clinical symptoms or strange…

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A Very Subjective Review of Medical Series

I chose to study Medicine last minute, and just before starting, I wanted to know how it would feel to be a doctor. I had a couple of friends who were medical students already and I still had the contacts of some of the doctors on my multiple trips to the hospital. So, I did the most logical thing I could think of; I watched dozens of episodes of different medical series. And to those who said I wasted my…

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Your Dream in a Box

What is your dream? Or more importantly, what was your dream?. That dream that you told adults excitedly as a child but got ashamed to say as you become older. The raw dream that brightened up your childhood and made living every day interesting. Did it change? Why? Did you or others think it was unrealistic or impractical? Did you start and fail? Did you read some statistics and decided to “wake up” from the said dream? This is not…

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The Highs and Lows of Online Classes

Ever since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic, life has turned into a series of changes and adjustments. A major aspect of our lives as students, our education, has also seen some significant changes: online classes. On the 15th of January earlier this year, our prestigious University of Ibadan released its academic calendar showing that the first semester of the 2020/2021 session will be in form of virtual learning. The university resumed officially on the 20th…

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Without a Silver Spoon

I was born with no silver spoon, Or even a plate to call my own. Hardwork beckons on me to come soon. As I left my plate leaving my dog to feed on shrivelled bone. I was born with no silver spoon. But life continued serving penury on it grandiose plate. Yet I still strived from when Sun rose till when its sibling arrive; the moon. And my sweat, vast enough to fill a crate. I was born with no…

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