“…that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and honesty.” (1 Timothy 2: 2)

This is not a biblical sermon, or maybe it is. Still, the best way to start this discourse is with God. I am here to remind you of our ultimate goal in life, Heaven. However, with end-of-the-month dumps, is heaven still the ultimate goal?

Monthly dumps started with just four innocuous pictures. These pictures posted are usually used to portray the highlights of one’s month. It has since metamorphosed, kind of like the metamorphosis of cockroaches. First were the eggs, where we had innocent dumps; then came the nymphs, I will like to compare this to when it was hijacked by people in relationships. Thereon, came this insanity that we have now, which characterizes the adult stage.

I promise you Twitter user kelps_822, I do not want to know anything about your sex life. I do not need you to constantly remind me that you are having intercourse. I also do not want to read the breakup message that your partner sent you. The adult stage of the monthly dumps now implies that if you have not posted about your relationship, you have not done your end-of-the-month dump.

The advent of social media has since aided communication and networking. You could tweet a sentence and it is already visible to 396.5 million tweeps with the blink of an eyelid. This tweet will stay on the internet forever because the “internet never forgets.” Now, read that again. There is so much power on our mobile phones. And the less information you put out about yourself on the internet, the better. The internet does not need to know some things about your private life. You do not have to post your sex history on the internet or a message about how you broke up with your partner.

The only reason why I may imagine that anyone will want to post such is for clout chasing. To gain interactions. One may argue that this is understandable but excuse me, I still see no reason for it. If for nothing, think that anyone could have access to this tweet later even if you have deleted it (screenshots). In a case where you tweet screenshots of you breaking up with your ex, imagine the state of mind that person may be with when they come by this tweet.

Another reason may be for validation, “to feel among.” I have a theory that people who post such dumps post them for validation. Somehow, having these interactions on their tweets makes it all worth it to them.

Now, let us bring back those dumps of positivity. Yes! Bring back dumps of gorgeous women having the fun of their lives. Bring back dumps of people going on vacations, bring back dumps of people announcing their wins. And none of the horrid things that dumps are now. Because frankly, we need to know less about each other.

Afeezah Wojuade.