The prestigious University of Ibadan Medical Student Association Clinical Press,on the 13th of February,2021,elected a new set of executives who would stir the activities of the organisation for the next academic session.In line with the current situation of events in the College, the outgoing adminstration led by Miss. Sadiku jummai conducted a virtual nomination cum election held on Saturday, 13th February, 2021,through Google meet platform,in the presence of all eligible clinical press members.Following a successful election, Napoleon Tejiri emerged as the new Editor-in-Chief, to be ably assisted by Uthman Usman,as the deputy Editor-in-Chief. Other elected officials and their respective positions include Adegoke Ireoluwa as the Features Editor ;Omolade Abiola as the Board Secretary; Adiat Tijani,as the Sub-editor; Chika Nnawuogo as the executive editor and Saliyu Abdulbaasit as the Associate Editor.

The members of the UIMSA community and and every member of UIMSA press wishes the new executives a successful tenure.

By Saliyu Abdulbaasit