Following the issue of the 2K24 Class Voting rights brought to light; members of the Senate have been divided on how to progress on the matter. Some senators believe the class in question should be represented in the coming elections according to the constitution.

The 2k24 class does not have the right to vote in the coming elections based on the document released by the electoral committee recently. This conclusion is borne from the fact that the 2k24 class have spent less than 2 months in school, although they have been recognised as the 100 level class by the association.

In an effort to uphold the constitution and rights of every UIMSAITE, a letter was written to the Senate Chairman calling for an Emergency meeting. The letter dated Tuesday, 19th April 2022 was signed by 13 Senators from the 200 to 600level constituency.

The Senate Chairman responded with an emergency meeting to hold on Saturday 23rd April, 2022 to decide on the matter. The eligibility of the class to vote will be deliberated on the Senate floor.

It is believed by some that inclusion of the class in the electoral process will affect the elections favouring some of the candidates. However, if it is established that they 2k24 class has the right to vote, that will be supreme. UIMSAITES are encouraged to attend the Senate meeting and voice their opinions so that light may shine upon every grey area.