UIMSA Press: Can we meet you? Chairman: My name is Akintoba Emmanuel Akingbade UIMSA Press: When is the UIMSA election holding this year? Chairman: The UIMSA election will be holding in August, immediately after health week. UIMSA Press: We learned that voting this year will be done online, what prompted this decision? Chairman: A lot of things prompted this decision. It is a new thing and a nice thing to do as previous elections were done by ballot voting. Another…

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Street Mayonnaise; the Genesis.

When asked to scribble down a few lines as touching starting a business, Christy, as she is popularly called, gave a write-up seasoned with experience and practicable hints. Enjoy the read.   “Start Small, Finish Big”,  I had this saying pasted on my wall for several months and as I looked at it daily, I just knew I was tired of  coming back from long theatre hours with a backache that probably needed the excision of my entire spinal tract…

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She walked down the hallway aimlessly. It was becoming a new found habit of hers. She looked round and saw nothing worthy of attention so she continued her strut down the hallway, but she had an aim this time; to get to the classroom nearest to her. That was when she saw him, leaning beside the classroom’s entrance looking aloof. On closer scrutiny, the air of nonchalance he exuded belied something else. Alexandra smiled and went to meet him. He…

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The College of Medicine Educational Unit Director, Prof. Adebola Ogunbiyi and other members of her team planned a successful White coat ceremony for the latest clinical students of the College of Medicine, the 2k17 set of MBBS and BDS students on the 30th October, 2017. This would be the first of its kind in the history of the college, what a lucky set. The ceremony had present  Prof. Olubunmi Olapade-Olaopa who is the Provost of the college of Medicine, Dean…

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The Beginners Guide To Writing Vol.1

So you want to be a writer, the next J.K Rowling, Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe,  Shakespeare, Edgar Alan Poe, Virginia Woolf (without the suicide part of course), then you have come to the right place. Before we begin, Have a notebook or notepad A decent pen A computer or laptop (you can always borrow) A dictionary Let’s begin. Write something By write something, I mean a sentence (BTW a sentence is meant to make sense), a line, that image you…

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I woke up around 2am that Sunday breathless, with pain on inspiration. For a week prior to that, I had been coughing with a sore throat and unlike the typical Nigerian, I had not tried any medications. I had had previous bouts of similar symptoms which subsided on their own, a pointer to a viral infection of some sort. All I had to do was rest, take lots of water and fruits and rest again. This morning though, it seemed…

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I dashed past the early morning Monday crease, past the outstretched hands of the crippled beggar on the sidewalk, past the bespectacled man thrusting a flyer in my face, yelling about some promo, past the revolving doors of the gigantic work of art that is the city wall. I dashed towards the liquor cabinet with such purpose like a camny rushing towards a deer caught in its headlights, with such speed I am certain I almost leave my problems behind.…

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WOULD YOU DATE YOUR CLASSMATE NOW/ IN THE FUTURE? Over the past week, I conducted a survey with the above title on members of 2k18 class. I have to say, I received some note-worthy responses and here they are: YES I believe dating girls outside our class will be tasking considering difference in interests, our tight schedules and problems with commitment. Over a period of time, we would have come to understand our classmates. NO I will feel suffocated and…

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  As most people know, this is a very popular term, and unless you have been living under a rock or underneath a crushing pile of books, you may not know even if you have been zoned in the past. ‘Friend zone’ was coined by Joey Tribbiani, a popular character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , in 1994 in the episode ‘The one with the Blackout’. So for the sake of those living under the crushing pile of books, Friend zone according to…

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