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Her heart once again began to beat rapidly. How sweaty her palms were getting! She hoped they could not tell that she was grinning from ear to ear. If there was one thing she showed great dexterity at, it was controlling whatever storm was in the tea cup of her inside. Physiology had taught her how in such moments, rapid depolarization of the myocardial fibers initiates rapid contraction causing an acceleration of heart rate. And this storm brewing inside her…

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I Got It from My Mama In a small study that scanned the brains of teenagers while exposing them to tempting “food cues,” researchers report that reduced activity in the brain’s self-regulation system may be an important early predictor of adult obesity. The researchers used functional MRI (fMRI) scans on 36 New York teenagers to measure neural responses to food cues and found that food stimuli in the form of words activated regions of the brain associated with reward and…

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For Nigerians, it is anything but the common good. Queues as tall as the hills of ‘Idanre’. Traffic jam everywhere. Passengers stranded. No bus to board home. Hours of productive time is lost on unending journeys. The cost of transport and the prices of goods are skyrocketing. We are again at the mercy of the oil cabal. Yuletide does not come without fuel scarcity.  Should you ever lose track of time, you need not fret. Wait till you see the…

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It is not uncommon to see medical students do outstanding amazing things, especially in the developed parts of the world, where things work and hard work is rewarded. It is however not so common to have medical students in the developing parts of the world, break through the odds and make a name for themselves. Recently, some Students of College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, made their way to the beautiful city of Kigali, Rwanda for the 2017 World Health…

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Health and Science

From the human brain to the Viral Kingdom, down to the ocean deeps and far across all niches and biomes, there is just science and beauty. Oh, and nature of course. 1. How do brains of intelligent people work? New research postulates that individuals with a higher-than-average intelligence level have brains that are wired in a different way. It suggests that intelligence is linked with increased connectivity between some regions and reduced interactions between others. Previous studies from the department…

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The Peculiar Child

The union blessed, the marriage consummated. At the dawn of wedlock, came conception as expected Up above, in His wisdom and good pleasure Came forth this child of exceeding great measure. At his christening, all did rejoice and hailed thus; Herald the great tidings of a new born into the world. But only He above who sees and discerns even the deepest thoughts Could foresee and fathom the peculiarity of this child. In all worldly wisdom dissenting, His features not…

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