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Smiles and tears of joy were not missed on the faces of our dear 2k14 colleagues and soon to be ‘The Newest Doctors in Town’, as the long-awaited date of their induction was finally slated. It should be of note that this particular set had spent almost 7 years in medical/dental training, plus the hurdles they had to cross before and after their final MB;BS exams (No to 100k and its aftermath). Truly, they have been through a lot. The…

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Our ward round had just ended. I was on my way going to the autopsy room to see if I could watch and sign one more autopsy. But I decided to peep at what was happening at Paul Hendrickse. Little did I know a peep would turn out into not only getting to a seat but also listening to all five speakers of the symposium. I must say, for me, It started off a bit slowly, as it appeared as…

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It is going to be a suspense filled evening as the fourth and last country to join the Euros Nation League semi finals will be decided by 8:45pm tonight. Though it is a game between Netherland and Germany, this spot can only be filled by either the World Cup Defending Champions France, or the Dutchmen, Netherland. As Netherland battle with Germany today, a win or a draw is just the ticket they need for the semis. The French has no…

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Bolt: What if I don’t win? Mama: When did you become so serious Usain? Bolt: Don’t let me go dear Mama, please… Mama: The boy I know has no worries, because all worries ever do is weigh you down. You have to remember… you can always go fast when you keep it light. Bolt: Okay. No worries mama.   This conversation is what they say ensued between Usain and his mom in the short film in Usain Bolt’s honour, The…

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UIMSA 2018: Who the crown fits.

UIMSA Decides ’18: “And then their voices were heard”.

Indeed, the hour has finally arrived, bringing with it a voluntary but necessary death to the palpitations in the hearts of UIMSAites, aspirants and supporters alike as the UIMSA election results were released in the late hours of 30th August, 2018. One would say it was an intriguing experience to watch the UIMSA election process switch to a more modern and sophisticated system i.e. electronic voting from the manual vote casting method. The voting process started on 9:00am and spanned…

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Street Mayonnaise; the Genesis.

When asked to scribble down a few lines as touching starting a business, Christy, as she is popularly called, gave a write-up seasoned with experience and practicable hints. Enjoy the read.   “Start Small, Finish Big”,  I had this saying pasted on my wall for several months and as I looked at it daily, I just knew I was tired of  coming back from long theatre hours with a backache that probably needed the excision of my entire spinal tract…

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