We asked some preclinical students if they’d rather the previous two weeks of school or the next two and these were their replies:

The latter. I’m stressed. I just want to skip with things done.
Posi, 300l.

I’d rather skip the next two weeks. I’ve invested my time, and energy, and data, in the last two weeks. Plus, I can’t re-jack what has been jacked.
Prosper, 200l.

Erase the last two weeks, please. This med school of a thing is just behaving like an Onion; layers and layers of stuff appear as time goes by which makes you shed tears. I want to rewind, please.
Sa’eedah, 200l.

The next 2 weeks because I really got to know how Medical school looks like ( how lectures are taken especially) and I think the last 2 weeks was a very crucial part for me.
Esther, 200l.

School is getting to me, worry is getting to me and at this point, food is getting to me. Right now I would love a week or two-week-long stay in a hotel with a view ordering room service for the littlest things.
Or if I could just have photoshoots at beautiful places I’ve loved to go for a while.

Segun, 200l

I’d erase the previous two weeks. Two weeks ago, I didn’t have as much to cover up as I have right now. Day by day, keeping up with the lecturers seem impossible because we’re done with the basics. So, I’d rather erase the previous two weeks than skip the next two weeks

Damilola, 200l.

I would rather skip the next two weeks. Erasing the past weeks would make me go through the stress again but skipping would at least save my data and stress of listening in on lectures, even if I’d have more on my plate and have to go over a shitload of slides.
But God knows that neither is healthy for either my well being or my mental state, but we meuvve.

Meliat, 200l.