This isn’t a description of the many troubles we had with 101, from the classes to vision 2020 (how did that pan out?) or the roaring leopard that left us with numb thumbs and result anxiety. Rather, this is more of a day to day experience filled with PDA’s, and the occasional trek to female halls all for love.

Ah! Love, one day I’d love to pluck a rose from a garden, not like the Love garden in UI with dual personality; an all accommodating centre by day and at night a spot for lovers to converge and speak the language only they understand. I too had my spot there, for certain meetings of course, but more often than not it was to help relieve boredom, watching dance groups practice there. Anyways, my spot was away from the light and hostels, blending with the night which made for a sort of invisibility cloak while I observe people come in pairs from wherever, only to end up sleeping on legs, playing with hair and the occasional mouth bumps. Do they really have to speak their language directly into each other’s mouths? This place is definitely the most obvious spot for 101, for the fact that it’s so close to Tedder and Mellanby, also as people use the garden as a “shortcut” instead of passing the long road. In conclusion, if you used here, you get mind o!

silhouette of man kissing hand of woman

If the love garden wasn’t your scene for a special one, then I’m guessing you’re the more private type with hostel meet and greets for Awo 101. When my roommates asked if I’ve started Awo 101, I was as confused as the next guy, but I didn’t know about it until I went with a friend to get food (that I didn’t eat out of). At a distance, I could see guys and girls having a chat while another was throwing stones waiting for his partner. I must admit it’s only true love (the one we have for food) that would cause a Bellite to make that trip especially with the Okada ban, instead, Bellites are more likely to be seen coming from Kuti’s angle either making the trip from heritage park where security disturbs the 101 partners with torchlights or from the front of Queen’s after a satisfactory lovey-dovey session. I remember one point in time when I sat in front of Queens seeing the brightly expressive smile on some faces, and to a farther corner under the tree, one whose boyfriend wanted to cop a feel. And of course, the Queenites who are unfortunate to be locked outside after such an amazing love stroll.

The front of Idia hall is also a possible meeting spot, but the incident at Awo caused a shift for the hostel situation with the boy halls being the new lecture theatre for 101 students. Some were around so much, they received honours awards becoming official female occupants of such hostels, not like the kutresses posing as males

I almost forgot about the TDBites favourite, the KDL, LLT 101 experience. These guys go there with the intention to read (UI is not easy) but when your partner in crime is near, acquiring knowledge is last on your mind. One especially odd situation was the time a guy slept off on his lady’s laps, making us say “God when” instead of fighting the spirit of odd puns after 126 exams. Even-tuarry, the lady read till daybreak while the guy enjoyed his sleep. One side gained knowledge, another gained rest while we tried to fight sleep, but in the end, love wins!

And not forgetting, the Bookshop, even with the bright lights surrounding it, is the perfect spot for the lovers, you can see, even learn and maybe try your hand at love.

A major part of the 101 experience should be refreshment, the whole experience looks really exhausting; people sleeping instead of reading, the workouts mouths receive etc. Ideal 101 refreshment centres would be GSK and other hostel cafeteria or indomie stand which also doubles as a great place to show your appreciation for 101 publicly.

If you want to try out spots to gain your own experience or expand your territory you can start looking at Tech road, SUB pitch staircase and NISER park, there are some corners around these places you’d do well to try out. If you want a lot more privacy, maybe try out the corners of the GES office, it provides a great atmosphere and perfect silence.

I can’t specify more than this, I’m already telling you too much. Every spot in UI is a possible 101 spot, as long as you know the right time and place to be there and you are daring enough. So, go out there and experience this lovely course, you’d only be a UI student for so long.

Meliat Abu-Idris & Tobiloba Faeji