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Zohnerism: How gullible are we?

Have you heard about this chemical called dihydrogen monoxide? It is found in acid rain, rusts metals and  has been scientifically proven to cause severe damaging effects including harsh burns whilst it is in gaseous form. The most terrifying part : it has been proven to cause millions of death yearly.  Oops, I forgot my main audience are medical Students: a set of smart, intelligent folks. Right? I believe anyone reading this should have caught on that dihydrogen monoxide is…

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Congress Chief Whip Reinstated as Congressman loses his seat

In an interesting turn of events at the third emergency meeting of the UIMSA Congress, the recently ousted Chief Whip has been reinstated. Hon. Oforibika had been removed from her position as Chief Whip following the recommendations of the ad hoc disciplinary committee which the Congress adopted in the preceding emergency meeting. However, the Congress Chancellor explained that the Congress had been in violation of Article XVIII, 6b of the UIMSA constitution which expressly states that “the Chief Whip shall…

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College of Medicine Ceases Physical Activities Due to COVID-19

In a special release signed by the Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun today, the College of Medicine has ordered an immediate stop to all physical academic activities. This comes after the recent surge of COVID-19 cases among the residents of Alexander Brown Hall, UCH which prompted two emergency meetings including one convened by the Vice Chancellor. The management of the Hall has been directed to immediately commence risk assessments and screening of all resident students. Isolation arrangements for those already infected…

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Report on the Second Emergency Meeting of the Congress; 2020/2021 Tenure

The meeting started at 8:17pm with about 33 congressmen and congresswomen on seat. Hon. Digwu moved the motion for the commencement of the meeting and it was seconded by Hon. Babalola. The first agendum was the report on the activities of the Clinical Press, given by the editor-in-chief. After his presentation, a number of observations were made about the report document, the mannerism of the editor-in-chief and the state of the Press. The report was rejected, the editor-in-chief was referred…

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COMUI Holds First Session of Creativity Lecture Series

The first session of a series of lectures titled: “The Creativity Lecture Series”, held yesterday in a Zoom conference meeting attended by the Provost; Professor Olayinka O. Omigbodun and other notable personalities of the College of Medicine. The series which is to span a period of six sessions was set up as part of the ongoing curriculum revision process to encourage reflection and discussion among staff and students. The anchor of the series, Dr Bukky Owoseni is an artist, business…

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Heartbreak for Clinical Sciences and ABH as Arts and Tedder win Jaw War 2021

After weeks of stiff completion from the best orators found within the boundaries of the Premier University, the representatives of Alexander Brown Hall and the Faculty of Clinical Sciences were matched against representatives from Lord Tedder Hall and Faculty of Arts respectively to set up the Jaw War 2021 final. Despite the losses suffered by both teams, the feat of reaching the finals in itself is a win and makes this year’s edition a memorable one for the students of the…

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Hello, ma’am. It’s a pleasure having you this evening. Same here. I’ll start by congratulating you once again on being the winner of the Provost’s award [smiles]. We’d like you to introduce yourself to us; let’s get to know you better. I am Oluwaseun Juliet Bello, a recently inducted medical doctor from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. I am 24 and an indigene of Oyo state. Great. How would you describe your experience in medical school? Were there…

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She picked up her phone—a well-deserved break after a long day. Her colleagues were leaving already, but she would be here for some hours more, as always. Scrolling through her Facebook feed, her eyes caught a video reposted by one of her friends, and she started to watch.  “I was 21 when I stopped bedwetting…”  She shut her eyes and paused the video. No. It could not be. Normal human beings do not wet the bed into adulthood. Normal human…

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Surely, it’s the hope that kills! After an almost endless bout of anticipation, the advertised weekend-only U-lympics (UIMSA Olympics) scheduled to start on Saturday 16th October, has been rescheduled for the 60th Health Week. This was confirmed in a heart-wrenching memo released by the executive council on Monday. This didn’t come as a shock as we’re used to expecting so little when it comes to sports in UIMSA. When quizzed about what brought about the change in a chat with…

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Bayern: emphatic as usual – a 5-1 win at Leverkusen, and Bayern are showing no signs of taking their feet off the pedal anytime soon. Manchester City: routine 2-0 home victory over Burnley keeps the chase alive! The Citizens remain 2 points behind leaders, Chelsea, and are enjoying a consistent string of good results so far, after a rather below-par start to the season. Kelvin De Bruyne sealed the victory after Bernardo Silva’s early opening strike, keeping things rosy for…

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