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She walked down the hallway aimlessly. It was becoming a new found habit of hers. She looked round and saw nothing worthy of attention so she continued her strut down the hallway, but she had an aim this time; to get to the classroom nearest to her. That was when she saw him, leaning beside the classroom’s entrance looking aloof. On closer scrutiny, the air of nonchalance he exuded belied something else. Alexandra smiled and went to meet him. He…

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She was slowly fading away Deeper and deeper she fell It was like she was a living mannequin With no clothes on to attract Friends drifted away Maybe she was too weird, she thought With a closet filled with boring sweatpants and hoodies And no glittery shoes or stilettos. Reminiscing on the good old days Where she was all that mattered She was made of brains The star in everybody’s eyes Everybody made her feel special Until brains didn’t matter…

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It’s a beautiful morning The shrill of my alarm wakes me up ‘Oh no!  Not now, I need some more sleep’ It takes my head a few seconds to realise ‘Oh shit! I have a bus to catch’ I run through my morning activities Rinse my mouth, stroke my tangled hair My bags strapped to my back, I take flight to catch my morning bus Arriving the park just in time, I get settled in ‘It’s gonna be a long…

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HAVE you ever looked and wondered what lies beyond the big blue cover? Have you ever imagined what lies beyond the sky? Here we are running up and down the face of the earth Day after day, we engage in a constant struggle against time In the blink of an eye, darkness sets in just after the rising of the morning sun Days pass, weeks, months and years Man lived in regret of what he wished he had done in…

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