An indigene of Anambra state –Nteje, Oyi to be precise –a father, husband, doctor, professor, executive, philanthropist, leader, researcher, teacher and author. In the past month everyone in the Nigerian medical space and beyond has heard the name, unless of course you’ve been living under a giant rock. In my opinion, certain moves are big enough to shift even the biggest of boulders, but for those firmly buried in the depths of oblivousness, a recap: On the 1st of August,…

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Thomas Sydenham, The father of Nosology

From the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece until the mid-17th century, when English doctor Thomas Sydenham began his work, physicians in Europe had based diagnoses on the erroneous theory of the four humours. The theory attributed disease to excesses of phlegm, blood, yellow bile, or black bile, and grouped disorders accordingly. When diagnosing his patients’ complaints, Sydenham, by contrast, based his conclusions on careful, objective observation of symptoms and signs, and used the same approach to classify disorders. Sydenham’s…

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Ever wondered why all the final matches of the season are played at the same time? Ditto the final matches of the World Cup Group stages and also the Champions League. Well, you can thank The Disgrace of Gijon for that. The Disgrace of Gijon was a match played between West Germany and Austria at the 1982 FIFA World Cup. It was the final match of the first round for Group 2 with Algeria and Chile having played theirs before.…

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Team Nigeria sets a new record at the Commonwealth games.

Since its inception in 1930, the international quadrennial games have been held amongst athletes representing members of The Commonwealth of Nations. Her 2022 edition was the 22nd, with 1942 and 1946 editions being exceptions, due to World War II. Like previous years, the 2022 friendly games, as it is fondly called, is a multi-sport event featuring both Olympics and Paralympics events. About 72 nations participate in the games despite only 54 countries making up The commonwealth of Nations. Participating nations…

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Arbor Vitae

Yo quiero dar gracias a la Arbor vitae(I want to give thanks to the Tree of life)Muchisimas gracias Arbol de vida(Thank you very much Tree of life )Your reedy chest would not retireFrom its support , my weight bearer. I called out , Ayudarme !( Help me !)From your sanctuary ,me ayudaste(You helped me )What great love you represent ,Arbor vitaeYo bebo de tu xilema ,Arbol de vida !( I drink from your Xylem , Tree of life !) Donde…

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Child of Shadow

Oftentimes, sitting in the dark I wonder what it would be like to be lightTo see life in brighter shadesYellow for bronze, grey for ashMaybe even caramel for cocoaI wonder,How does it feel not to be afraid?To desire and chaseTo dream and accomplishTo be in control, to own your own fateWhat does life look like in technicolor?If you’re living in the rainbow, do you even know what darkness means?Does the child of shadow ever get used to the light? mo_sa_ic

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To Silence!

You should keep quiet! Most likely, this is coming across as strange and insulting to you, but it is the best advice I have for you at this point. We currently live in a world grossly polluted by different noises—from factories, bars, relaxation centres, and even our headphones and air-pods. According to a study recently conducted by the World Health Organization, nearly 50% of people aged 12-35 years old are currently exposed to unsafe levels of sound, especially from the…

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Top Four Predictions for Europe’s Elite Leagues

Football is back! To be more specific, European football is back! I honestly can’t believe it’s been two months since Vini Jr. slotted the ball past Allison to win Real Madrid their 14th UEFA Champions League title. Within that period, we’ve had UEFA European Nations League Group Stage matches, AFCON qualifiers, the African Women Cup of Nations, and as of the time this article is being written, pre-season qualifiers. However, let’s be honest; nothing can touch the euphoria of weekly…

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A UIMSAites Review of The Research Clinic 3.0

In the ever-changing world of academia, one skill that’s essential for students – especially medical students – is Research Writing. As such, for the past two years, the University of Ibadan Medical Students Association has put together a Research Clinic to equip students with this vital skill. As part of activities for their tenure, the 2021/2022 UIMSA Executive Council, via the office of the General Secretary, organized the UIMSA Research Clinic 3.0. The program, spread out over the course of…

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Toners and Serums

I always find it funny when people and by people I mean we Nigerians find out ‘toner’ does not in any way mean what we all think it is. I mean we all hear the word ‘toner’ and our minds register bleaching, change of skin colour, toning from a darker complexion to a lighter complexion. I could bet a thousand boxes that you’re probably just finding out that toners simply mean hydration in the skincare world. Scientifically, a toner is…

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