Play with gravity oh childYour feet unyielding as you wade through the mire ,Your eyes fixed on the treasure you may find . Be not hypnotized by the precarious standRoll with the ton, the lot of themBut forget not to remain close to the land . Choose the way the wand might move ,To incur a curse or to be loved ,Ragged or dressed in the finest tulle. Frogs may leap all they wantFrom mire to dirt ,dirt to mireAlbeit…

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The Pendulum

You’ve seen it before but still may not recognize it. You’ve often wondered how it is that they can be the life of the party today, the one everyone wants to know or be, and the dark cloud tomorrow that everyone wants to escape. They confuse you, annoy you, and sometimes flat out scare you. Bipolar disorder is a disruptive mental condition characterized by pendular swings in mood, energy levels, sleeping patterns, judgement, behaviour, and ability to concentrate. It is…

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Playboy The Album: Do We Have a Fireboy Trifecta Already?

There is this thing music does for me; I don’t know if it does the same for you. I find peace in listening to music no matter the mood I find myself in. Then when it’s related to any of my favourite artists, I can engage in convos for long hours without sweating because it just comes easy for me. I have favourite artists across different genres of music, including hip-hop/rap, R & B, Afrobeats, Reggae, Alte, etc. In Afrobeats,…

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The Jewish Oppression of Palestinians

Israel is running an apartheid regime in Palestine; no, this statement is not a hyperbole, it is not an exaggeration, it is a factual statement acknowledging the current reality in Palestine. The treatment of Palestinians by Israeli Jews involves actively stealing Palestinian land, regularly bombing Palestinians, imprisoning and torturing them at will and completely dehumanizing them. Just recently they carried out an unprovoked bombing campaign in Gaza which they nicknamed; “Operation Breaking Dawn”, this bombing attack, the latest in a…

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An Exclusive interview with Mr. Dike Innocent, D9 where he shares in-depth stories of his Wins so far as a medical student Please introduce yourself I am Dike Innocent, a member of the 2k18 MBBS class Can you share some of your experiences with us I-Medics Experience During the COVID break, I made up my mind to start getting involved in extra-curricular activities. So I started volunteering and learning about the basics of research (sadly, this seems to be an…

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The ASUU strike spanning almost 7 months has impacted university students, mostly in federal institutions in different ways. Here, in the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, all preclinical and most clinical classes are experiencing delays in their academic pursuit as postings have been put on hold. Even the final year class, who were supposed to be June doctors are now in Limbo. Hence, the UIMSA Clinical Press conducted an interview to see how some members of the final year…

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A deep dive into the conditions responsible for the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka

A few weeks ago, people around the world were treated to videos of a large number of protesters invading the Sri Lankan presidential mansion situated in Colombo, the country’s capital. This was a culmination of a nation-wide protest which had begun in march in response to the economic crisis befalling the country. During the course of the protests, the Rajapaksa family home, the family home of the then president and prime minister was incinerated. These protests also caused Gotabaya Rajapaksa,…

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An indigene of Anambra state –Nteje, Oyi to be precise –a father, husband, doctor, professor, executive, philanthropist, leader, researcher, teacher and author. In the past month everyone in the Nigerian medical space and beyond has heard the name, unless of course you’ve been living under a giant rock. In my opinion, certain moves are big enough to shift even the biggest of boulders, but for those firmly buried in the depths of oblivousness, a recap: On the 1st of August,…

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Thomas Sydenham, The father of Nosology

From the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece until the mid-17th century, when English doctor Thomas Sydenham began his work, physicians in Europe had based diagnoses on the erroneous theory of the four humours. The theory attributed disease to excesses of phlegm, blood, yellow bile, or black bile, and grouped disorders accordingly. When diagnosing his patients’ complaints, Sydenham, by contrast, based his conclusions on careful, objective observation of symptoms and signs, and used the same approach to classify disorders. Sydenham’s…

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Ever wondered why all the final matches of the season are played at the same time? Ditto the final matches of the World Cup Group stages and also the Champions League. Well, you can thank The Disgrace of Gijon for that. The Disgrace of Gijon was a match played between West Germany and Austria at the 1982 FIFA World Cup. It was the final match of the first round for Group 2 with Algeria and Chile having played theirs before.…

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