Israel-Palestine Conflict: What is going on?

The ongoing fracas between Israel and Palestine is one that has been continuous for generations. The issue loses media attention after every reported event of exchanged blows and attacks but it’s only a matter of time before it resurfaces again, turning it into a cycle. What could have made these two countries so unforgiving towards each other? Palestine, until its colonisation by Britain, used to allow massive immigration of Jews. In 1948, the Jews decided to establish a Jewish state…

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Books and Movies Reviews: Sci-Fi Genre

                               MOVIE REVIEWS TENET Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi spectacle, ‘Tenet’ is one that leaves you with the unshakable feeling that you walked into the screening 15 minutes late. A mysterious new technology poses a threat to all existence and there are rumours of the third war. But the kicker is that the technology hasn’t been invented yet, though the CIA has caught wind of it from the future. Tenet’s central idea is that it is possible for objects to move…

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Do you have a Colourist Mentality?

If you don’t know what colourism is, let me get you up to speed. Colourism in simple terms is the glorification of a certain skin colour over others. This can be done by members in and outside of the community where the skin colour is prevalent. This glorification sets standards for ideal beauty and socioeconomic opportunities in their society. From Harlequin to Mills&Boon to American romcoms, we’ve been consistently choked with a certain beauty standard, whether we realise it or…

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Legalized Murder or Assisted Suicide: Euthanasia and the Question of Medical Ethics

Medical ethics has been a field and area of interest subject to varying views, ideas and opinions from leading experts over its course of evolution. Ranging from arguing correct legislation of medical procedures that are deemed controversial such as abortion, “mercy killing” –euthanasia- and other such activities in relation to the overall aim of the profession – saving lives while improving quality healthcare delivery, there have been several well-meaning and equally convincing arguments running back and forth between key players;…

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Phew!!!!! The football season is gradually coming to an end. After a tumultuous start to a season, we have finally come to the end. Teams were relegated, dreams were shattered, records were broken, various teams had their highs and low and new talents emerged. These are notable moments that we witnessed before the football season in Europe came to a wrap. LEWANGOALSKI: THE GOAL MACHINE THAT WON’T STOP SCORING There’s no doubt that Robert Lewandowski is currently the best striker…

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Seniorman Kelz

Kelechi Iheanacho, nicknamed Seniorman Kelz has recently come into a rich vein of form. He has either scored or provided an assist in every game for Leicester City since the beginning of March, except the game against Manchester City which his team lost by two goals to nil. His two goals against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals took Leicester City to their first FA Cup semi-finals since 1982. He then went on to score the only goal in…

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Title Races

Title Races in the Top 5 European Leagues European League football is finally coming to a close and with only a few games left, league winners are starting to emerge. Inter Milan were confirmed champions of Serie A on Sunday as Atalanta failed to beat Sassuolo. We expect to see at least two more confirmations in top leagues next weekend as Bayern Munich and Manchester City have very healthy leads atop their respective leagues. However, in the other two leagues,…

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Bill and Melinda Gates Settles for a Divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce today, May 3rd ending their marriage of 27 years. The couple announced it via their twitter accounts.They said the came to the decision after a great deal of thought and a lot of work on their relationships. The news sparked reactions from everywhere. Though they will both continue the great work at the Gates foundation as co-founder and co-chair but no longer believe the can grow as a couple anymore. The Gates foundation…

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Pastor Adeboye’s Son, Dare Adeboye, Dies in Sleep,Aged 42

Dare Adeboye, one of the children of Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide shocked ,dies at the age of 42. It was reported that the young cleric died in his sleep on Wednesday in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was based with his family. His death was confirmed by the spokesperson of the RCCG, Olaitan Olubiyi, on Thursday 6th of May,  2021. Pastor Dare is the third child and second son of…

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Moving Forward Everyone wants to “make it” in life. For a good number of people, that means making lots of money. Some people get impatient because they see their mates balling or they get broke shamed. This leads them to do money rituals or get involved in financial crimes. But more often than not, this doesn’t end well. They usually get caught or they die prematurely. Truth is, there will always be pressure. Some people will always be ahead of…

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