Distinguished CoMUI Alumnus Donates One Million Dollars Towards New Student Hostel Building Project

The Sod-Turning Ceremony of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan/Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (CoMUI/ICOMAA) Student Hostel went down as a truly noteworthy event, marked by the pledging of the very generous sum of a million dollars by the keynote speaker, Dr Philip Orayeli Ozuah. The virtually-held ceremony took place on Monday, 1st of August 2022. It signified the start of the building project aimed at setting up a new hostel for College of Medicine, University of Ibadan…

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It is not a trend  It is not defined by anyone  It has no actual definition  It has no standard  You define beauty  You in any colour  You in any size  You in any shape  You define beauty  You are the standard  You are beauty Chisom Okoye

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Types of Roommates You’ve Probably Had/Will Have

Whether in school or at home, living with other people can be a real pain in the arse. It’seven harder when you don’t really know the person. I personally feel we all need somecommendation for managing, not like we really had a choice. Regardless, here’s a list andsee what kind of roommate you have been/are or the kind of roommate you have/have had. The Vampire: Starting us off is the child of darkness. Once you leave, they close allthe blinds…

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Flowers Rot, Spirits Do Not Die

My father’s spirit long goneBut departed not from us, tis herewithFlowers rot when they are doneDone, with life, they escape from herewith. My father’s grave had stones ,whiteSomeday I would add flowers wild and gayNot one more life be lost in a flightOne more life, I keep at bay. His face contoured with a known grimace,He would not leave when all was freshLeaning against my window was a faceOr an illusion caught in a mesh. Spirits do not die ,they…

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The Chronic Burden

Stressed out!Angry, annoyed, wondering, rethinking… recurrently.Why? Why must we ever? Why don’t we ever… (stop)The cycle of reading and hitting dead bottom when you seek results.Is it just you? Or is it the system?None to really blame as neither made school.Or did the system self-exist? Nope, it’s not God;God is the only Yahweh. None like Him – or so I believe. Why must we ever? Why do we ever have to… (sigh)Prove ourselves by meticulously designed and conceived interrogations;Contexualised with…

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Paracelsus, the man who brought chemistry to medicine

“The dose makes the poison” Paracelsus Paracelsus considered himself an alchemist, however his ideas on poison led to the introduction of chemistry into medicine in the sixteenth century. Although he was not fully appreciated until his death, medicine would be a different field without his contributions. As at the 16th century most physicians in medieval Europe had little interest in drugs and still adhered to the ancient teachings of Galen on rebalancing the body’s humours (Phlegm, Blood, Black bile &…

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In a bid to foster healthy competition, rivalry and the bragging rights (as the slogan of the event reads), while having fun and learning at the same time, the Academic and the Quiz committee of the 2k19 class, organized her first inter group quiz competition. First of its kind, well attended by members of the class, who were there to cheer the representatives ably chosen by them.The programme held at the Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall, on Saturday, 23rd…

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UIMSA Research Clinic 3.0

The third and final lap of the research clinic organized by the University of Ibadan Medical Student’s Association was held on Saturday, July 23, 2022. The Research clinic was organized to be an Introductory Course to Research Writing. It has been divided and taught into three sessions, with the first two done online and the third which held physically at Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall, UCH. This research clinic program is one that several UIMSAites have looked earnestly towards…

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Why Russia invaded Ukraine – PART 1

A war rages in Ukraine, of a kind and intensity not seen since the Korean and world wars. Countries in the US sphere of influence have levelled sanctions against Russia and materially support Ukraine by sending weapons to it, training its troops, having on ground coordinators, spies and special operation troops, providing relevant intelligence to its forces and being the source of volunteers. One can accurately describe the war as one between North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russia; with…

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Summer Transfer Round-Up: Winners and losers of this window (PART 1)

The summer transfer window for 2022 officially opened in Europe on the 1st of July. The window has already featured several transfers with top European clubs busy with ingoings and outgoings as they look to strengthen their squads ahead of the 22/23 season. As a reminder, the 22/23 season across Europe features a break in November for the 2022 world cup in Qatar. While some fans sit back and enjoy the collaborations between their owners and technical directors, others have…

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