Emotional Neglect: The Quiet Side of Abuse

More often than not, childhood abuse is visible. Friends notice the bruises, teachers notice the withdrawal and neighbours hear the screams. If people are paying attention, physical abuse or neglect is obvious. But how many people notice things that can’t be seen? Emotional neglect is characterized by unresponsive, unavailable, emotionally stifled interactions between parent/guardian and child. It is often non-violent and relatively hard to pinpoint, and it constitutes a real problem that is often overlooked. It affects children across all…

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MCU Phase 4: It is the hope that kills

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has grown in bounds and leaps, but the recent releases of phase 4 have brought doubts to many fans about the quality of production marvel is known for. The MCU is divided into phases, the phase 4 saw the onset of shows on Disney+, starting from “WandaVision” and scheduled to end with “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in November. The first point where phase 4 falls short is its general lack of purpose. Phases 1-3 had…

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The Tree of Death

Everyone has heard about the tree of life, but I’d place a wager that until now, you’ve likely never come across a tree of death, save for those of you steeped in Celtic mythology. On today’s episode of evil nature, we will be spotlighting one of the members of the kingdom Plantae, an entity better suited for Tartarean Fields of Punishment than the realms of mortal men. Native to the sandy shores of the Caribbean Islands, southern Florida, and the…

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You must have heard how we use Koch’s Disease for patients with TB (Tuberculosis). There are several other such words used to make patients feel more comfortable or make sure other persons are unaware of the conditions of things. This is what is known as slang, in our setting medical slang. Slangs are words or abbreviations with similar meanings used in place of the original term. They are mostly used in informal settings. Medical slangs are commonly used by medical…

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The Impact and Implication of The U.S Supreme Court Overturning of Roe vs Wade

On the 24th of June 2022 in a landmark decision that shook the USA, the supreme court ruled that abortion is not a right protected by the United States constitution. This ruling placed on individual states the authority to determine the legality of abortion in their respective states. This ruling also overturned two previous rulings; Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood vs Casey which had prevented states from banning abortion before the age of viability. This decision was a controversial…

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Unit 731 – Auschwitz of The East

Science has advanced over the years due to the scientific process of which experimentation is a huge chunk of. Scientists throughout time have conducted different experiments to either confirm their hypotheses or learn something new entirely. The excesses of these experiments over the years have been somewhat curtailed by ethics which although hadn’t been set in stone till the 20th century, have been in existence, albeit ambiguous. These rules haven’t really stopped anyone who wants to go dark and evil.…

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Sunscreen is the Beyonce of all skincare products. It is the holiest of all holy grails.So one may wonder, Why does it appear that the steps in the Skin care regime skip the most important, you should see my expression to understand this.Before we go further, I should also correct the misconception that “only white people need sunscreen”. I am sorry to burst your bubbles but everyone needs sunscreen. Sunscreen comes in various types and degrees(measured in SPF level ).…

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Minding Your Allergies

The human body was crafted in its own unique way—a masterpiece where everyone is an original. The exceptions, perhaps, are the reason why the long-standing adage, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”, holds some ground. The body takes in all kinds of food for nourishment, but sometimes, some kinds of food do not settle well with our systems. This is not because they’re bad foods, but because our body says no. These rejections are manifested in what we call…

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What Your Favourite Marvel Character Says About You

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for over a decade now, beginning with Iron Man and at some point, you probably developed affection towards a certain character. Here’s a list of what your favourite Marvel hero says about you. 1. IRON MAN You think you’re the smartest in the room and everyone should agree with you. 2. CAPTAIN AMERICA You are self-sacrificial and you do not understand internet slangs.  3. BLACK PANTHER  You’re in love with “cultural” stuff. 4.…

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Elections and Religion: Where to Draw the Line

The 2023 General elections are fast approaching. It has been the bane of our 2022 as Nigerians, but fortunately, with each passing day, more people are becoming less apathetic and getting more involved. The next few months will come with a lot of conversations and opinions as we move closer to September which marks the beginning of proper campaigns as stated by INEC. Due to the chokehold of fanaticism on Nigerians, talks of brainwashing of Muslims in the North, expectations…

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