Minding Your Allergies

The human body was crafted in its own unique way—a masterpiece where everyone is an original. The exceptions, perhaps, are the reason why the long-standing adage, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”, holds some ground. The body takes in all kinds of food for nourishment, but sometimes, some kinds of food do not settle well with our systems. This is not because they’re bad foods, but because our body says no. These rejections are manifested in what we call…

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What Your Favourite Marvel Character Says About You

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for over a decade now, beginning with Iron Man and at some point, you probably developed affection towards a certain character. Here’s a list of what your favourite Marvel hero says about you. 1. IRON MAN You think you’re the smartest in the room and everyone should agree with you. 2. CAPTAIN AMERICA You are self-sacrificial and you do not understand internet slangs.  3. BLACK PANTHER  You’re in love with “cultural” stuff. 4.…

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Elections and Religion: Where to Draw the Line

The 2023 General elections are fast approaching. It has been the bane of our 2022 as Nigerians, but fortunately, with each passing day, more people are becoming less apathetic and getting more involved. The next few months will come with a lot of conversations and opinions as we move closer to September which marks the beginning of proper campaigns as stated by INEC. Due to the chokehold of fanaticism on Nigerians, talks of brainwashing of Muslims in the North, expectations…

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Dear Diary,It feels like 2020 all over again. I’m not much for romanticizing mental health terminology, but this really feels like PTSD. At least, in 2020, I didn’t have much to look forward to. But this year was my year, or it was supposed to be.So, today, I woke up at 7am to prepare Mimi and Daniel for school. E remain small, bus driver for leave pikin for my hand. Anyway, after I was done with the most challenging part…

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The Increasing Rate of Big Name Bosmans In Today’s Football Transfer Market.

A Bosman AKA a free transfer in football occurs when a player, on the completion of his contract with a certain club moves to another club without the new club having to pay a fee to his previous club.  The Bosman Ruling which took place in 1995, was made on the consolidation of three separate cases namely; Belgian Football Association vs Jean-Marc Bosman, R.F.C de Liège vs Jean-Marc Bosman and others, and UEFA vs Jean-Marc Bosman after the player on…

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If tomorrow, we go watch a game already knowing the outcome, football is dead. former UEFA ex-president, Michel Platini. Match-fixing has probably existed since competitive sports began. According to Collins Dictionary, match-fixing is defined as the act of arranging the outcome of a sports match prior to it being played; this violates the rules of the game and often the law. The perpetrators do it to give either themselves or others an unfair advantage. This tampers with the integrity and…

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The Trajectory to 2023: ATIKUlated, BATified or OBIdient?

Disclaimer: All opinions contained in this article do not represent the author’s stance on the subject matter. This is an aggregation of public opinions and views expressed by various individuals across the Internet and various social media platforms. The questions raised are intended to be rhetorical. After eight years of President Muhammudu Buhari’s controversial administration, every Nigerian across the different geopolitical zones of the country – having registered with the electoral body, goes to the ballot to determine who steers…

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Beyond the Walls of Medicine

Dear UIMSAites, 👨🏾‍⚕👩🏽‍⚕ Technology is ushering us into a new era of healthcare. Today’s medical professionals would need to be conversant with emerging technologies in healthcare delivery and patient-care. Join our distinguished speakers at the ‘Beyond the Walls of Medicine’ webinar: —▪️ Dr. Yemi-Levite, CEO of Heala Tech;▪️ Dr. Oluwatimilehin Ogunkoya, Wellness Manager at Total Health Trust;▪️ Dr. Imodoye Abioro, CEO of Healthbotics. Below are more details:Date 🗓️: 25th of June, 2022Time 🕰️: 10 am – 1 pmVenue 🏛️: Zoom…

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UIMSA Research Clinic 3.0

Dearest UIMSAites, Scientific Research is increasingly becoming relevant in our professional pathways as medical students and our evolving practice. The UIMSA Research Committee in collaboration with the College Research and Innovation Hub presents UIMSA Research Clinic 3.0 A 4-day program organized to introduce you to Research Writing. Dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of July, 2022Venue: ZoomTime: 10am – 1pm The Research Clinic is open to UIMSAites and non-UIMSAites. Interested UIMSAites are required to have evidence of dues payment. Non-UIMSAites…

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Justice Ariwoola Replaces Justice Tanko as Chief Justice of Nigeria

Justice Olukayode Ariwoola has been sworn in by President Muhammadu Buhari as the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria following the sudden resignation of Justice Ibrahim Muhammad Tanko . The Justice, who was the most senior judge of the Supreme Court after Justice Tanko, took the oath of office on the 27th of June, at the Executive Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa in the presence of other Justices of the Supreme Court. The President commended Justice Tanko for his contributions…

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